Do I need any training prior to taking a course?

Yes. You will need to have basic IV sedation training. If you don’t have this training, we can help you find a course that will help you get the basics out of the way before you take one of our advanced anesthesia courses. If you have questions about this please reach out to us at (818) 208-0649.

Who should take an Alpha Anesthesia Course?

Any one practicing anesthesia in their practice.  This includes oral surgeons, general practice owners, periodontists, endodontists and pedodontists.  These courses are the best in the country and may be even the best in the world.  With this training you will leave our course more confident and more capable to handle these cases.  If you are unsure that you need our course, click here to take our quick pop quiz to see if you are Alpha ready!

Is there training for my staff?

Yes! We believe that having a trained staff is just as important as having a trained doctor. Your staff members are the eyes in the back of your head and they will help you maintain the patient’s vitals while you work. It is very important that your assistants have your back and are not only supportive during the process but also do not do something to hinder your work or make a situation worse. You cannot afford problems or mistakes!

How do I know which course is right for me?

Most doctors have a different understanding of the basics of anesthesia, and because of this wide variety of understanding most people need to start off in our Level 1 course. If you are unsure about which course to take, please click here to run through our pop quiz which will help us determine your level of skill.  Take the quiz now.

What are the dates, times and locations of these courses?

We are currently locking in dates & times and will be publishing those soon, please check back for more information or click here to register and we will inform you when all the information is available.

Do you provide C.E. certificates for taking your courses?

Yes. Alpha Anesthesia is a registered organization with the State of California that awards continuing education certificates for every program offered.

How do I sign up for a course?

Signing up is easy. Just click here to fill out our online registration form.  From there we will call you, take you through the rest of the registration process and help you understand the different options that we provide. Signing up through our registration form does not require you to attend a course and there is no financial commitment made until we have called and talked to you about our different options.

How long is the training?

Our training is done over a 3-5 day period.  If you would like more information on training specifics for Level 1 or any of our other courses please click here to register and we will send you course details through email.

Advanced Sedation Training

Our programs are specifically beneficial for both oral surgeons and general practitioners who provide IV sedation. However, our periodontists and endodontists have benefited from these courses.

Advanced Airway Management Training

The goal for us is to give you the BEST anesthesia training you have ever had and send you back to your office with a confidence level that you did not even know existed. That is why we are called Alpha Anesthesia because we want you to be the top anesthesia provider in your market.

Unique One-On-One, Hands On Training

The courses at Alpha Anesthesia Seminars are designed to advance skills and maintain proficiency. Even practicing anesthesiologists need to be exposed to, and educated in the latest equipment, delivery systems, and medications. We will place doctors of all levels of training in a comfortable learning environment to elevate your level of care.

Emergency Training That Makes Sense

Do you feel like you have sedation under control? Are you ready for any incident that could potentially happen in your office? There are a lot of doctors that we have trained here at Alpha Anesthesia that felt like they already had it down and some of them really did know their stuff.

300+ Dentists and Staff Trained Since 2010

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This Course Is PACE Certified By the Academy of General Dentistry